Londons Freshest Face Stencil Head.

Gary Alford

Gary Alford is a self-taught artist, interested in Hip-Hop music in the early ' 90s through such groups as The Lost Boyz, Smif 'N' Wessun, Naughty by Nature, Smooth da Hustler, Originoo Gunn Clappaz and Goodie Mob, but there was one group that caught Garys imagination more than any other; Wu-Tang.

Gary works in a range of materials including watercolour, pencils, spraypaint, pen+ink, acrylic and oil paints but never uses digital media which is refreshing in a market saturated with images created or touched-up on a computer.


Giles Walker

Giles Walker has been working with robots for the last 20 years. As a full-time member of the guerilla-art group THE MUTOID WASTE COMPANY, he started building kinetic sculptures and robots from materials found in various scrap yards around Europe.

He has exhibited his work around the world.


Guy Denning

Guy Denning has been obsessed with visual art since childhood and started painting in oils at the age of eleven after receiving a set of old paints. He has developed a distinctive style that builds images from drawing and stencilled text.
In 2007 he moved to Finistere in France where he continues to work towards future exhibitions; since 2010 he has posted a drawing every day on his blog http://denningdrawing.blogspot.fr/


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HIN was born in a little town in Fanling, Hong Kong. He studied in a small public school in Hong Kong. From a young age, Hin spent most of his time between sport and learning to draw from Japanese Manga in addition to the traditional Chinese watercolor painting lessons he was taking at the time. Due to his love for sports and art. Hin’s parents decided it was the best idea to send him to study in England, alone, at the age of 12.

Hin’s first dream was to become the first Cantonese football player in the Premier league. His dream collapsed when he badly fractured his knee at the age 17. The end of his dream also signaled the beginning of his artistic career.

Unable to adapted himself during the first 8 years in school in England. Hin became increasingly unhappy and art became his only way to express himself. Through his experiences, he came to understand that one must hold on to their inner child and to persevere, above all things, in order to overcome any painful or traumatic experience while at the same time never to deny any truth of the cruel reality in life. Finding harmony between the two is what he believes one must attempt to achieve.


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Louise is an illustrator based in London.

Since graduating from Kingston University with a 1st class Hons in Illustration she has been awarded a D&AD Best Newblood for her book of illustrated short stories I Married a Toyboy Convict.

Clients include Converse, Random House, No Brow, ATP, The xx, Attitude Magazine, Super superficial, Anomaly London and Suzuki Motorden amongst others.


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MArk Powell

Both the canvas he uses and the faces he draws offer a mysterious story. They carry the scars of travel, a life lived. He trys to catch a certain beauty that is a step away from the image of beauty fed to society that you see today.


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Only ever seen in Sillouhette Mighty Mo Gets Up & Gets Up High.

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From rural roots, Mr. Trace, moves to the city to acquire a solid following which works as a graphic designer and illustrator, a profession that combines with his deeper self expressed through street art and study. Since 2012 his work has been exhibited in galleries notorious cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Tenerife, Ibiza and London.

The graffiti or street art in general have always provoked in him a positive feeling of self-realization. Your personal evolution and conceptual artist will reveal that it is not artisan therefore from his artistic side does not look or create for others, but it does for himself, he being the chief spectator who must satisfy, not seeking the applause rest easy viewers.


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Born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Nathan James spent much of his life in the Toronto area before moving to London, UK where he currently lives and works.

His current series of paintings, Creepshow, is based on the idea of Pessimist Pop. A reaction to the highly-polished, busy, celebratory work of Koons, Murakami et al, James' paintings deal in the same sort of bold shapes and cultural iconography, but look at the underbelly of these images and contextualizes them in a real, unforgiving world. Painting in oil (often making his own paints) onto canvas or linen, James focuses on the lives and worlds of the underclass, failures, perverts and slackers, rather than beautiful, successful people. Bleak comedy and personal tragedy sit uncomfortably close together in James' characters, which draw on both the failed industrial background of his childhood and the current mood of insecurity and paranoia present in contemporary society.

Joining up an almost old-fashioned, painterly approach to his art with very modern ideas of representation and humour, Creepshow is both deeply personal and also a document of lives, habits, problems and people who modern art usually overlooks.